12 Years of teaching experience  
in the following styles: 
Musical Theatre 
Techniques I focus on: 
Correct Breathing 
Unifying Register Transitions ("breaks") 
Producing a Clearer Tone 
Formation of Vowels and Modifications 
Mouth, Tongue, Jaw Positioning 
Vocal Agility 
Correcting Nasality 
Building a Wider Range 
Head Voice/Chest Voice/Mixed VoiceInterpretation/Musicality/Acting 
Stage Presence and Posture 
Diction for Singers: Italian, French, German, Armenian and English, including IPA 
Stage Confidence/Overcoming Fears 
Vocal Health and Maintenance 
Opera as a Career: Industry Realities and LifestyleCorrect Speaking Voice and Eliminating Fatigue 

Categories of Specialization 
The teenage voice preparing for university  auditions, summer programs, etc. 
Ages 9-31 
Female Voice 
Classical Technique 
Lessons available in Southern California​ 

E-mail: operaforlife19@yahoo.com 

Ani Maldjian